Working as a Freelance Writer for many years, and also as a tutor 

on courses run by the London School of Journalism, Writers News

and RRC, has led me to collect many tips that may be of benefit to

others. I have placed them into categories that can be accessed via

links. I hope these are found to be useful? However, the Golden Rule

is always: Does It Work. A freelance writer lives a feral lifestyle in

search of new markets and new possibilities.


I have some misgivings about the use of Character Trait Templates for Characters in a story. 

They can be useful for fleshing out characters and for keeping consistency in a longer

work with a large number of characters. But they can also end up as an end rather than

a means and distract from the business of writing. Here is one I knocked up.


Character Template






Thoughts On Marketing

Media Packs


Some Poetry Magazines

Example BBC Format

Some Literary Magazines

Mainly American Journals That Pay

Forty Print Literary Magazines