End Days                                                                                                    

Beginning after beginning, 
down the timeless ages of dust,
finding the ugly in our bones. 

Cold stars watch on and dare to blink
as ghosts we walk paths of the dead.
Echoes of what we might have been.

Do you remember or recall
our pale faces at your window?
Anaemic lips, trembling at night.

For we are you and you are us.
Echoes of what you might have been,
or still might be. The dispossessed.


Line 1: "In the beginning God created numerous worlds, destroying one after 
the other as they failed to satisfy him. All were inhabited by man, a 
thousand generations of whom he cut off, leaving no record of them". 
Source: Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves.

Line 2: "Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone; beauty dies and 
fades away but ugly holds it's own". 
Source: Albert Einstein.