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Mike Everley was born in 1949 in the mining district of South Wales. 
He studied Philosophy as a mature student at Coleg Harlech, 
Aberystwyth University and the University of Leeds, gaining 
a MA and a MPhil.

He was a self employed safety consultant and lecturer for over
20 years, and a Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety
and Health (IOSH). Previously he had worked in electrical
engineering following a 5 year apprenticeship.

He has been a freelance writer for many years and was a member 
of both the Society of Authors and the National Union of Journalists 
before his retirement. He also coached many students on
creative writing courses run by the London School of Journalism.

His poetry and short stories have appeared in many literary publications
and his articles in safety and general magazines.


If you are interested in viewing his late wife's paintings they can be browsed

on the Saatchi website where prints can also be obtained. The link is:




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